Monday, May 23, 2016

Child's Month Celebration May 2016

Jaital prepares for Child's Month Celebration May 2016.....

  1.  Schools are being identified & selected (those in need of school materials/resources)
  2. Donation received from our kind & thoughtful guests are being sorted & packaged
  3. Donation assigned to schools
  4. Date selected for presentation to schools
  5. Date selected for presentation to individual children ****New
This year, the team of Jaital has decided to do something new. In addition to schools, we will be donating to individual student whom have been identified as less fortunate in acquiring the basic tools for learning such as books, pencils, erasers, backpacks etc...

We have listened to the parents and with their help, this year we are better able to reach those children and ensure they benefit personally as well as the schools as a whole.

We look forward to share in another year with you!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great! already booked with you guys and looking forward to bringing supplies with on our cruise.